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Saltwater this week: Ultra Maxima Clams, Scarlet Hermits, Feather Dusters, Peppermint Shrimp, Kole Tangs, Flame Angels, Sailfin Tangs, Blue-Green Chromis, Potters Angel, Coral Beauty Angel, Eiblii Angel, Copperband Butterflies, Purple Firefish, Golden Headed Sleeper Gobies, Banggai Cardinals, Blue Hippo Tangs, small Yellow Watchman Gobies (only $12!! We got too many!). Freshwater: Celebes Halfbeaks, medium Angels, New Guinea Rainbows, Boesemani Rainbows (where are all the Rainbow people??), Bronze Redtail Guppies, Miracle Ray Guppies, Half Black Multi Guppies.

New store hours: Mon: 12-6pm Tues: 11-6pm Wed: 12-6pm Thurs: 11-7pm Fri: 11-7pm Sat: 10-6pm Sun: 11-5pm We have 4oz PE Mysis Cubes back in stock!!

Freshwater fish this week: Apistogramma cacatuoides "Super Red," Apistogramma honglsoi, Cory hastatus, Longfin Ancistrus Plecos, Cardinal Tetras, Emperor Tetras, Gold Tetras, Jelly Bean Tetras, Marble Hatchets, Platinum Hatchets, Pygmy Hatchets, Beckford's Pencilfish, Dwarf Pencilfish, Gold Barbs, Odessa Barbs, Choprae Danios, Kyathit Danios, Badis ruber, Royal plecos. New Plant shipment just in! Java Moss and Pogostemon Helferi!

Little saltwater this week: Sexy Shrimp, Green Wellsos, grade A Torch corals, Sixline Wrasses, Yellow Chrysus Wrasses, McCosker's Wrasses, Juvi Orange Shoulder Tangs, Foxface Rabbitfish, Aiptasia Filefish, Lawnmower Blennies, Pajama Cardinals.