We have lots of inverts this week: hermit crabs, scarlet hermits, emerald crabs, cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, feather dusters. Experiencing a shortage of coral at the moment. Expecting a large shipment next week smile emoticon

Freshwater Fish Shipment this week: Seven-Stripe Frontosas, Apistogramma cacatuoides, borelli, mcamasteri, Uaru Cichlids, Orange Laser Corys, Pygmy Corys, Cory similis, Cory sterbai, Otos, Zebra Loaches, Cardinal Tetras, Neon Tetras, Rummynose Tetras, HY511 Tetras, Platinum Hatchets, Croaking Gouramis, Pearl Gouramis.

New shipment of Pukani Dry Rock in!!! Saltwater Fish coming out of QT: Blue-Green Chromis, Male Bird Wrasse, Moorish Idol, Springer's Damsels, Sixline Wrasses, Niger Triggers, Coral Beauty Angel, Yellow Chrysus Wrasses, Solorensis Wrasses, Maculiceps Surgeonfish, Golden Headed Sleeper Gobies, Pajama Cardinalfish, Banggai Cardinals, Copperband Butterfly, Eyeline Surgeonfish, Yellow-Spotted Rabbitfish.

We are experimenting with slightly different summer hours. We will be opening at 10am Monday-Thursday (and Saturday, as usual), and closing at 4pm Monday-Wednesday.

Freshwater Fish: Rummynose Tetras, Amandae Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, Gold Tetras, Marble Hatchets, Beckfords Pencil Tetras, Piranha, Queen Botias, Sidthimunki Botias, Electric Blue Jack Dempseys, Electric Blue Rams, Fire Eels, Small Tiger Oscars, Choprae Danios, Featherfin Rainbows, Red Rainbows, Powder Blue Gouramis, Moonlight Gouramis, Flying FOx, Otos, Phantom Glass Catfish, Rainbow Sharks, Cory habrosus, Cory Metae, Cory Paleatus, Cory sterbai, Acistrus Plecos, Regular Plecos, Cherry Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Red Crystal Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp. Also some Inverts and Reef Fishes: Halloween Urchins, Fromia Starfish, Camel Shrimp, Orange-Spotted Gobies, Yellow Watchman Gobies, Orange-Spotted Blenny.