Happy Thanksgiving! Store will be closed Thursday, but open Friday regular business hours. Thanks!

A little of everything this week: reef fishes, emerald crabs, cleaner shrimp, some coral. Freshwater fish: Flying Fox, Pentazona Barbs, Gouramis, Cardinal and Neon Tetras, Rummynose Tetras, Electric Blue Balloon Rams.

Freshwater Plant shipment just in.

We are now carrying the small 2oz sizes of Rod's Original and Rod's Fish-Only Blends. Of course, we still carry the 2oz Coral Blend.

New box of Maxima Clams just arrived. 5-6", great color. Small shipment of coral this week.

Angelfish Madness: Longfin Marbles, Golds, Shortfin Marbles, and large 4"+ Green Glitter Peruvians. Prices range between $6 and $18.

Freshwater Shipment this week: Gold Severum, Piranha, Choprae Danio, Endlers, Galaxy Rasboras, White Clouds, Dwarf Powder Blue Gouramis, Moonlite Gouramis, Thicklip Sunset Gouramis, Ancistrus Plecos, Marble and Silver Hatchets, Cherry Shrimp, Amano Shrimp.

We also now carry Finnex Stingray and Planted+ LED Fixtures. Stingray is a very affordable all-purpose light, beats the pants off many other mass-market LEDs. Planted+ is their high-end planted tank line with true 660nm red LEDs for maximum photosynthesis.